12"x12" Hobby Vacuum Former - Make Your Own Thermoform Plastic Prototypes, Clamshell Packaging, Custom Molds, Scale Model Parts, and Movie Props - WidgetWorks Unlimited
12" x 12" Hobby Vacuum Former
Our Price: $149.95
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Vacuum form plastic prototypes, packaging, molds, and scale models using your kitchen oven and a Shop-Vac vacuum cleaner.  Parts produced with our Hobby Vacuum Formers rival expensive commercial machines in their incredible accuracy and detail. more info
CNC Pressure Foot Clamping Attachment - Clamp and Cut Parts on Your CNC Machine Without Using Tabs or Double-Sided Tape - WidgetWorks Unlimited
CNC Pressure Foot™ Clamping Attachment
 with ShopBot PRS Mounting Bracket
Our Price: $229.95
~ Out of Stock ~

Expand the capability of your CNC machine to cut "impossible" to clamp parts without using tabs, double-sided tape, or vacuum clamping. Our CNC Pressure Foot™ is particularly effective for machining small parts and thin/flexible materials that cannot be held by traditional clamping methods. more info