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12x18 Polycarbonate Thermoform Plastic Sheets

Photo of Polycarbonate Plastic Sheets Polycarbonate (often sold under the trade name "Lexan") is the virtually unbreakable thermoform plastic used to make bulletproof glass.  Thin-gauge, transparent Polycarbonate is the material of choice for folks who build ultra light, thin plastic parts that are exposed to a lot of abuse.
Recommended Uses for Polycarbonate Thermoform Plastic Sheets:
Prototypes, RC Car Bodies, Slot Car Bodies, Model Airplane Parts

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Polycarbonate Thermoform Plastic Sheets
 0.010" x 12" x 18" Sheets - 4 Piece Bundle

Our Price: $18.82 per pack
Polycarbonate Thermoform Plastic Sheets
 0.015" x 12" x 18" Sheets - 4 Piece Bundle

Our Price: $23.78 per pack
Our Thermoform Plastic Sheets are perfect for inventors, small businesses, and DIY hobbyists who want to make custom vacuum formed plastic parts. Use these plastic sheets along with with our Hobby Vacuum Formers and a kitchen oven to thermoform homemade plastic parts with results that rival expensive commercial machines. Make your own plastic prototypes, clamshell and blister packaging, custom molds, scale model parts, and movie props.

Hobby Vacuum Formers and other vacuum forming accessories for use with our
thermoform plastic sheets are available in our Vacuum Forming section.

Technical Specs for Polycarbonate Thermoform Plastic Sheets
Smooth on Both Sides
FDA Food Safe:
Very high impact strength
Forming Temp:
360 - 400 degrees Fahrenheit
Cut, drill, and sand with woodworking tools
Accepts paint and ink
Common Example:
Unbreakable plastic water bottles, drinkware and dinnerware